Wachmann III



Our foundation stallion, Wachmann III, died in 2007 at the age of 27 but his proud heritage remains.  He is the sire of well over 30 open grade showjumpers, including Alzu Woodlands (who won in South Africa, the USA and Canada) and the 2008 Avis South African Derby winner, Warrangal P.  He has been the top producer of A-grade horses in South Africa for many years, siring more open horses than any other Warmblood stallion in SA and Namibia.In addition, his sons Walkabout, Wunderbar, and Wedekind, have themselves sired A-grades.  Not only has he proven himself as the most consistent sire of top showjumpers over many years, but his daughters have also given him the distinction of being a top dam sire of showjumpers.  Alzu Quincey (WCQ winner) and Alzu Quixote (Presidents Cup winner) are probably the best-known international A-grades out of Wachmann mares.


The list of Wachmann’s progeny says it all…


Wachmann III is the sire of more A-grades than any other stallion is South Africa, including:


Equilibrium's Warrangal P Pohlnds Weldon  Wundervogel 
Equilibrium's Watch Me P  Pohlands Why Hello  Woody Allen 
Pohlands Witch Hazel  Pohlands Windforce  Walkyrie 
Pohlands Westcliff  Northlands Westpoint  Windstorm 
Waynesboro P  Northlands What's Up  Woody Allen 
Wolf Winter P  Northlands Willow  Whiplash 
Pohlands West End Girl  Alzu Watergate  Warburton 
Pohlands Windsong  Alzu Woodlands  Wyford 
Pohlands Watchet  Alzu Walkabout  Unforgettable 
Pohlands Wicklow  Wunderstern  Gorgeta 
Pohlands Wembley  Wlberforce   


The dam sire of horses such as:


Alzu Quinsley Bandana  Chaka D 
Alzu Quixote  Barcelona D  Charlotte 
Lamborourghini  Brittany  Dante 
Lancaster  Bushwacker  Mystic Wind 
Liberty  Catapult  Say Hi 


Sire of the breeding stallions:


  • Wedekind
  • Walkabout
  • Wunderbar


Grandsire of the breeding stallions:


  • Eagles Warrior
  • Wundervogel


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